Monday, August 10, 2009

AccelerEyes (Jacket)

AccelerEyes was founded in June 2007 to build simple software for powerful visual computing. In order for high performance computing (HPC) companies to adopt GPU technologies, a robust and healthy software tool chain must be created to connect programmers to GPU hardware. While hardware manufacturers are building lower-level software tools, such as CUDA, which support their devices, AccelerEyes delivers high-level interfaces which remove the lower-level complexity.

AccelerEyes' first product, Jacket, is used by customers across all major HPC industries, such as the automotive, financial, medical, and seismic industries. Further, Jacket's Graphics Toolbox enables true Visual Computing, seamlessly merging the compute power of CUDA with OpenGL visualizations. AccelerEyes plans to adapt and expand Jacket for other hardware and software platforms.

Jacket is a GPU engine for MATLAB®. Jacket enables standard MATLAB code to run on the GPU, connecting the user-friendliness of MATLAB directly to the speed and visual computing capability of the GPU.

Jacket is not another GPU API, nor is it simply a collection of GPU MEX functions. Rather, it is a complete and transparent system, automatically making memory transfer and execution optimization decisions. Jacket uses a compile on-the-fly system to allow GPU functions to run in MATLAB's interpretive style. Currently, Jacket is built on NVIDIA's CUDA technology.

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