Monday, August 10, 2009

Hanweck Associates (Volera)

Hanweck Associates, LLC is a premier financial services provider specializing in risk management solutions for top-tier hedge funds, banks, broker/dealers and other financial institutions.

Hanweck Associates is an established leader in high-performance financial computing. We pioneered commercial GPU-based computing solutions for the financial industry with products such as Volera, our low-latency, real-time options analytics engine.

The Volera product line delivers high-speed, low-latency options analytics for trading and risk management. Using GPU-based high-performance computing technology, Volera systems offer performance exceeding that of traditional grid computing, and require far less hardware, rack space, electrical power and cooling.

VoleraFEED™ delivers low-latency, real-time implied volatilities and risk parameters for equity, equity-index and futures options. VoleraFeed is available as a subscription datafeed service, as a hosted solution, or as an on-site system. The datafeed service currently covers the entire U.S. OPRA universe and several U.S. futures exchanges, delivered through third-party vendor platforms and ticker plants, including ACTIV Financial and Wombat. Hosted and on-site systems can be customized to use client-specific price feeds, dividend maps, yield curves, rebate curves and proprietary models. European and Asian markets are scheduled for release in 2010.

VoleraRISK™ is a high-performance equity, equity-index and futures options analytics and risk system. Using GPU technology, VoleraRisk enables real-time trading and risk analysis of large options portfolios, making it ideal for automated market-making desks, statistical-arbitrage traders and risk managers. VoleraRisk's API allows the computational engine to be called from the client's systems in a variety of languages (C/C++, C#, Java), either remotely in a compute-server environment or locally. By adding GPUs, the system can be scaled linearly to adapt to any computational load.

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